MERLUZO, 2018 vintage

Merluzo Attitude #Merluzoattitude #Merluzo18

The 2017 vintage marked a turning point in Merluzo’s iconography. We could say that after six seasons, our Merluzo had grown older, but more than that, our Merluzo returned to its origins, recovering a more youthful and gratifying spirit in both the wine and the icon by reflecting the tone and energy of the wine of the same name.

With a more friendly and complicit gesture, Merluzo was shown flat and relaxed in the foreground, like the one that is introduced for the first time, facing forward, firmly planted and anchored in the present but with a look towards the future.

Dressed in summer attire and covered with green scales. He wears sandals and Bermuda shorts, as he should since the clothes makes the man.

A wine was developed that represented his concept of creation: easy, but not too easy, unpretentious and with an attitude that very closely represents our way of being and what Menorca means to us.

For this reason, Menorca is always sensed in the background and in green. It is Merluzo’s and Binifadet’s frame of reference and source of endless inspiration.

For that special occasion Merluzo appeared in the foreground to show his rejuvenated face and relaxed personality, all the while representing an established and mature wine in its sixth vintage.

Merluzo wine is down-to-earth, honest and without any ingredients that might alter its natural personality.


Our Merluzo speaks of the sea but lives and drinks from the green Light of Binifadet, hence its distinctive color is not a green but rather a green with drops of blue similar to the sea that defines it. The green Merluzo speaks of an attitude that emphasizes and syncs that sea with the countryside, the blue of the Mediterranean with the green sap of the Binifadet vine and that is what we want to emphasize on the label for the 2018 harvest, not just on its cap.

Now that our Merluzo has introduced himself with his new image, this year we need to have him express the image of our wine through his attitude.
His hands come out of his pockets in order to express himself. Menorca in the background takes on a little more prominence merging sea and countryside, the Mediterranean and the grape vine.

We want the label of this vintage to express this but to also start telling stories that speak of Menorca, of the Merluzo attitude and, therefore of that part of us that is more relaxed and laid back…. That is why this year we wanted to show him in Binifadet, on our terrace and under our vines because we cannot think of a better place to relax.

And all through a sketch divided into four parts because we believe that it helps everything flow….

Honest, enjoyable, Menorcan, good-natured, with character, full of life, direct and easy and always wanting to drink to the last drop… A relaxed glass in harmony with nature, with an appearance of the yellow and green Light of Binifadet through whose core runs the soul of the Mediterranean.

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